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Antmore Technologies, LLC is incorporated in Nevada and has a strategic location in New York to service our East Coast customers. Antmore Technologies incorporated on July 17, 2007. The managing member of the company has over 20 years of experience working with many different customers from many different industries.

That experience has evolved with the telecommunications industry; specifically Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) to provide a low cost, mass produced automated message to any and every person that would like to utilize our service. Drawing from experience in the sales industry as well as customer service, Antmore Technologies tries to provide the best experience possible.

We also pride ourselves on surpassing current levels of technology by staying on the cutting edge. This allows our customers to have the best price on all of our products because we pass the savings directly to them.

Antmore Technologies, entered into this business in a unique way. In the past we were clients of another firm, working on local New York State campaigns. In the process it dawned on us that we could do a much better job than the people we were working with and make it cheaper as well. We researched the industry and came up with a viable solution. We entered into the marketplace and the rest is history!

Since we have been on the web, Antmore has evolved from a telecommunications company, to include web development: from websites, plugins, to applications and other software products, we do it all! We to make your dream come true and carve out your little place on the web and watch it grow.

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Anthony Morelle

The founder of Antmore Technologies, as well as the company namesake, Anthony became involved in the IT industry after creating his first web application while studying for his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and History. He created a way to vote using the college’s email system. Each student was sent a ballot to their email, in which they would fill out and send back. At the end of the election, the results would be tallied electronically, thereby eliminating paper waste and incorrect tally totals. He would later use his tech-savvy again in the political arena, in the area of robocalling. He created Instant Call Blast as an inexpensive way for political candidates to reach out to voters. It was during that time that Antmore Technologies was born.

Currently, he received his Master’s degree with concentrations in Interactive Multimedia & Design and Marketing. He has used his experience running Antmore to help guide others on their path to entrepreneurship. During his free time, he is a web developer for the Young Entrepreneur’s Academy, which is a non-profit organization that teaches middle school and high school students how to create and operate their own companies.