Our Philosophy

Since the emergence of the Internet and the first website selling products, very little has been done in the way of federal or state laws and guidelines that outline the ethical treatment of customers. ICANN is a self-governing body of peers that passes guidelines about how people and businesses “should conduct themselves” on the Internet.

There is very little to protect the customer from the business designing your website. This is due largely to the fact that businesses take advantage of your “lack of understanding” of how the Internet works, how domains are set up, and what exactly goes into creating a website. Furthermore, governmental agencies like the Consumer Protection Bureau are not equipped or staffed to handle complaints regarding intellectual property theft or domain hijacking. Lastly, the court system is not a conducive place to litigate these types of cases because many judges don’t have the tech-savvy understanding to make an informed decision.

Antmore Technologies understands and feels your pain because we have been there. Starting a company on the web is tough. Choosing a vendor that is reputable is even more tough. Just like choosing a reputable mechanic, choosing a firm that will have your interests above all else is even harder to come by. It is the duty of companies to be shining examples in an industry full of companies of ill-repute. As an ethical company, Antmore is dedicated to doing the following:

Responding to the concerns of all clients.
Providing excellent customer service every minute of the day.
Establishing a corporate identity that embodies both transparency and ethics.
To further a commitment to integrity, quality, excellence, and continuous improvement in all areas of service to our clients.
To manage human and material resources ethically, with creativity and vision, always mindful of changing needs and environments and the capacity to serve.

To achieve these goals, Antmore is committed to conducting all of its business activities in compliance with ethical standards and all applicable laws, rules, and regulations. Employees must recognize their duty to act in accordance with this essential directive.